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My first podcast interview

I am still learning the ropes on all things blog and social media as I begin to try to document more of this journey I call my life. I have been learning so many things along the way about parenting, homeschooling, and physical/spiritual/emotional health; so it only makes sense that I share what I’ve learned like others who have gone before me. With that being said, I was a little nervous to actually be interviewed for a podcast. I’m sure glad I did though! It was a really neat experience, and I’d love to do more with podcasts and videos in the future.

Achieving Veteran Status

I suppose having three homeschool graduates now makes me somewhat of a homeschool veteran. And that makes me old and experienced enough to have some good stories to tell. I had mentors that were ahead of me in the homeschool game who were able to be such an encouragement. So, it’s my turn to try to encourage others.

In my post What a Homeschool Day Looks Like at our House I give a little insight into what the learning vibe feels like around our house. If you are new to my story, that will give you a little feel for our family and how we roll. Generally, I’d call our style an eclectic mix of unique family culture driven learning mixed with lots of literature, lots of communication and interaction, a tiny bit of traditional learning, and a lot of child-directed/parent assisted unschooling.

Interview with Queenie

I was thrilled when author and educator Queenie Tan, Asia’s premier parenting coach, contacted me with a podcast interview request. She is doing amazing things and helping so many people. And it’s exciting to be able to talk with her and help get the word out about the freedom that comes with making education an individualized experience.

Here is the podcast:

Check out Queenie Tan’s website HERE. (Click here.)

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