Savoring December

 The busiest month of the year

Like just about everyone else, I am busy. My to do list is long, and my life is full! Savoring each day and moment is important to me, though, because I know how quickly time seems to fly by. So, in a month when there are so many events and things to get done, I am intentionally trying to purpose to savor the moments in each day.

My oldest son will be getting married at the end of the month, just days after Christmas. If anything will make you get into checklist mode, it’s having Christmas and your firstborn’s wedding happen within a week of each other. But once this month has passed, I will not get back the time. So, instead of stressing and obsessing over trying to plan a magical month, I’m trying to live each magical moment. Be present. Notice and embrace each day of this special month of celebrations. I don’t want to miss what are the many blessed days of my life in this season.

First day of December, small town style

The first Saturday of December is always our small town’s Christmas parade. The weather was perfect. It was just cold enough to feel like Christmas but not too cold. The girls enjoyed seeing their sweet friends.

Their daddy was a float judge, so we girls took a selfie while we waited for the parade to begin.

By the time we finished going over to our historical museum to see Santa and enjoy the Police vs Fire Departments’ chili cook-off, the girls were starting to get cold. So, we left their dad there, since he stayed to help clean up, and I got home to revive the fire that had died down while we were gone. Oh, how I enjoy coming home to my wood stove after being out on a cold day!


Be present this month

I’d like to encourage you to try to be present and live in the moment this month. Don’t let the hustle and bustle keep you from the blessing of seeing the magic in EVERY day, not just Christmas Day. There is such a beauty in taking some slow moments each day to appreciate the last month of the year. New goals and a new vision are just around the corner with the change into a new year, so take this month to savor the memories that are being made all around you. Look for the beauty and the magic of a very special time of year.


  • Caroline

    Encouragement sent from Jesus through a dear friend’s words. I needed a reminder to stop “obsessing over trying to plan a magical month…and instead focus on living each magical moment”! Thank you. ❤️

    • dawnmaddox

      You are a gifted magic-maker, my friend! I do hope you have many beautiful moments this month with your precious family.

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