A week filled with remedies

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Homeopathic remedies to the rescue!

I used seven remedies this week! Some weeks go by with no need to open my kit, and other weeks it seems homeopathy rescues us over and over.

Arnica saved the day when a friend’s 8 month old with a strong desire to walk around like a big kid bumped his head while visiting. My friend treats her children with homeopathy too, so knew to ask me for some arnica right away. Who needs bruises and swelling? No thanks!

Treated myself once this week with my constitutional remedy because I had an old symptom pop up.

Calcarea Carbonica came to the rescue when another friend was overcome this week but just tooo much. You know that feeling? Sometimes our superpowers decide to take a day off and leave us feeling overwhelmed, huh? There are a multitude of different remedies for that, but in this case, Calc-c was the right match.

The common cold in one of my kiddos has us grabbing the kit this morning. I didn’t have the one that looks like the right match, so after trying Pulsatilla and Sulphur out of the kit, we landed on a paper remedy of Allium Cepa. (And hugs and a little prayer.)

Shortly after initially writing this entry, I smashed my finger and moments later got a big fat, wood splinter under my fingernail. Ouch! I popped an arnica for the smash, and the splinter required calendula, hypericum, and silica.

I am grateful for homeopathy and a God that is full of healing power and gave us amazing bodies that know how to heal themselves!

Homeopathy starter kits

If you’re interested in investing in a homeopathy kit like mine, this Helios Homeopathy 36 Homeopathic Remedy Deluxe Family Kit is what I have now.

There are smaller starter kits, like 18 Homeopathic Remedy Starter Kit, that might be a better option if you feel like you’re just getting your feet wet.

This is a starter pack similar to the package I got when I first started. Homeopathic Remedy Kit and Book Starter Pack is very helpful because it includes a kit, some homeopathic cream, and a book to study from. If you’re going to try homeopathy, it’s nearly impossible to get an understanding of it without having a manual to flip through. I still refer to my book almost every time I look for a remedy.


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