My story

I was a very healthy person feeling like I was at my peak and living on top of the world until one day, quite all of a sudden, I was not.

I broke.

Like so many other stories you can hear about people who are stricken with autoimmune issues in their 30s or 40s, mine was a very scary, sudden onset of crazy symptoms. After a particularly stressful year, including more than one life-altering personal event, I knew I felt worn out by the time the holidays came but I figured that was normal considering how much I had undertaken. I assumed that once the holidays were over, I would be able to catch my breath and move at a less stressful pace. So, I powered through Christmas and New Years.

January and a new year came and instead of feeling excited to be able to prop my feet up for a breather, I found that I couldn’t “think.” Brain fog is too simple a term to describe how I felt. I had always enjoyed great focus and concentration, being an avid reader, researcher, and educator. My concentration and processing were so greatly altered that I couldn’t read a sentence without stopping in the middle and starting over again. I couldn’t spell to save my life, and I had always been an excellent speller. Typing on the keyboard had my fingers jumbling up in complete confusion. Coming up with strategies to navigate the simplest of tasks was an overwhelming daily reality. I literally could not think.

By the end of the year, I was frustrated with the fact that my brain felt like it had been broken. I knew something was wrong, and wasn’t quite sure which way to turn. One day after returning home from a matinee with my husband, my calf muscles turned as hard as rocks out of the blue. By the time I got from the entrance of the house with that sensation to my bedroom to sit down, my arms and legs were covered in pins and needles and started to feel like they each weighed 1,000 pounds.

For the next few months to a year I went on a journey of discovery. I spent the better part of a year with more days lying in bed than not. My body didn’t want to work and felt so heavy that I would sometimes lie on the floor to get closer to the huge imaginary magnet that felt like it was pulling my heavy, heavy body down. More strange symptoms appeared. I visited doctors, had genetic testing done, prayed, rested, researched as much as my tired body and mind would let me.

In time, with some help of doctors, much study on my part, and so much prayer, God saw fit to lead me back to health, one baby step at a time.

I am always thrilled to share my story with people and to share what I learned on the journey, because I believe I am not so unique in my fall into disease, and in my body’s ability to heal. Through understanding how our bodies work, and the natural ways to restore health we can play a role in our own path to healing.

I also love to share the spiritual lessons I’ve learned along the way, because without those valuable experiences, the physical ones mean very little. I’ve studied spiritual topics for so many years, and love to share what I’ve discovered.

Through those years of health struggle and return to wholeness, my entrepreneurial husband and I were raising and homeschooling six children, some very young at the time. And I’ve been a mom long enough now to have plenty to share about the parenting lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I am not an expert about any of these things. I’ve learned as I went, and love to compile that information and pass it around to others. I am not a doctor, pastor, or life coach, so take my information for what it is – just more information in the piles and piles of available information in this digital age. But I can testify that these are my experiences and I hope you are helped and blessed because of them.

To God be the glory for it all!



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